I-Treatment against cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infections

Dr Richard Ellis, MA, DPhil (Oxon)

I have a number of treatments including for the cytomegalo virus (CMV)). For many years I have been developing a system of quantum or spiritual healing based upon living waters and living information. This is non-toxic, non-chemical, natural approach, which is very gentle but effective. I have now eliminated bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Viruses such as EBV, CMV, H1N1, HHV6, Coxsackie A and B viruses and others can now be overcome.
Last year a client in California had quite noticeable symptoms in her liver, from Epstein Barr virus and CMV. She took my i-treatments against EBV and CMV, and they were effective. She said:

"I got better in two to three weeks. I then had tests done and there was NO SIGN of EBV. NO SIGN of CMV! My liver is back to normal. I feel great. I feel a big load has been lifted from me by getting rid of these two viruses. I am cured of both. Thankyou very much." Ms JS

I have an improved CMV treatment and have helped other people become free of it.
Here are some references for the EBV treatment.
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