Treatment against Cell Wall Deficient (CWD) Infections

Dr Richard Ellis, MA, DPhil (Oxon)

Cell Wall Deficient or L-forms
Scientists have known for a hundred years that bacteria can change their shape. Standard laboratory tests detect only the normal forms of bacteria. So doctors ignore the cell wall deficient or L-forms. Many antibiotics attack the membrane around bacteria. The bacteria have discovered that they can survive in the cell-wall deficient form, often inside your cells for protection. There are not many antibiotics which are effective against the cell wall deficient forms, and they don't show on most lab tests, so the doctors ignore them. However, they can be a problem.
    After sixty years of intensive use of antibiotics, they are quite common and can cause "incurable" conditions. For example, cell wall deficient forms of streptococcus are quite common. There is even evidence for cell wall deficient gonorrhoea, which STD clinics do not normally detect it. Also Lyme disease has a cell wall deficient phase.
New treatment for cell wall deficient infections
I have developed a new treatment for cell wall deficient infections. I am a physicist working for many years on the development of a system of energy or vibrational medicine, which I call quantum entropathy or QEP. You create what you perceive. In quantum physics, the particle manifests at a point when it is observed. I have developed a healing system based upon this principle. It uses consciousness to recreate your body and immune system. I have been developing this for many years to treat mental, emotional, physical and immune system problems. For example, I have a treatment for the Epstein Barr virus (click on "home page" above to see this), also for bacterial infections, for streptococcus, for various viruses and other infections.
     So when I developed strep throat, I determined to cure myself. However, part of this strep infection was the cell wall deficient form, and so I have developed a treatment for cell wall deficient infections. This treatment works by strengthening the immune system against cell wall deficient bacteria. They seem to be less strong then normal bacterial infections and easier to eliminate in this way.
     The treatment consists of 16 small dropper bottles, each with a different remedy (equivalent to half the treatment for EBV, see photo on the home page). The treatment costs 112 plus postage (5 in the UK, 12 international airmail), making a total of 117 domestic, 124 international.
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