I-Treatment against Human Papiloma Virus (HPV)

Dr Richard Ellis, MA, DPhil (Oxon)

Human Papiloma Virus
The Human Papiloma Virus can cause genital warts and/or cervical cancer. There are different types of HPV. Some types cause genital warts, and other types cause cervical cancer. So if you don't have genital warts, you could still have the type which causes cancer of the cervix - testing is advisable. Furthermore, if you do have genital warts, you could still be at risk of cancer of the cervix, because you could have both types.

In 2018 a woman in the US who knew of my work treating and eliminating viruses, asked if I had a treatment to boost against HPV. I had a prototype treatment, so I improved it and sent it to her with treatments for other minor viruses which she had (Herpes 2, chronic flu, HHV6). She took these treatments (1 box of 15 remedies) for about 2 months.

She then had tests done early in 2019, and tested negative for HPV. It had gone completely. Her doctor was surprised and she was delighted! She said to me "HPV be gone!"

I have been treating viruses with good results for 12 or more years. My method works by boosting your immune system against the virus. When your immune system is strong enough, then it eliminates the virus. This treatment for HPV is relatively new, but it is a dead specific against HPV, and I expect it to give good results for most people.

There are a few other viruses which affect this area of the body. The most common one is Herpes 2 (genital herpes), which weakens the immune system in this part of the body. So if you also have Herpes 2, then I strongly advise you to get the treatment for the two. The combined treatments will be more effective.

HPV        4 remedies      £32

Herpes 2, 5 remedies      £40     please specify male or female

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[Disclaimer: results may differ from person to person.]