The Ultimate Immune System Boost.
If you boost your immune system enough, you can push out a virus like EBV.
This site is about a two-pronged attack against EBV. Either you boost your immune system in a more general way, for example against immune suppression or other infections, or you can boost it specifically against EBV, or both. Information on the general approach is found on this page. Information on the specific approach against EBV is found on the home page.
Using the general approach people have reduced the fatigue, even though they still have the virus. Using the specific approach, people have cleared the virus completely. And when the virus goes, the fatigue goes.
Section II: Medium Immune Suppression, CFIDS Treatments
This section is for people whose immune system is weakened by other factors (CFIDS) so that you are less able to resist EBV. You may have about 20 or more symptoms of chronic EBV, and/or other infections such as strep, and/or several infections of different types such as bacterial, viral and fungal infections.
     Have you ever noticed that most people with chronic EBV (up to 90% of the adult population) do not get chronic fatigue? It is only a small minority that get the fatigue. Therefore there must be other factors which trigger the fatigue. I have conducted surveys this year which show that:
1.    EBV and strep both produce similar patterns of immune suppression. This means that chronic strep makes it very difficult to clear EBV, and so this immune suppression has top be treated.
2.     People with EBV have about twice as many infections as those without, and people with strep (who nearly all have EBV) have even more infections than that. So EBV weakens the immune system and strep weakens it even more.
3.     This weakness in the immune system allows the EBV free reign to do what it likes inside you and so it causes the fatigue (CFIDS. Otherwise healthy people suppress the EBV so much that it cannot cause the fatigue.
4.    Antibiotics can cause cell wall deficient forms of bacterial infections - about 60% of people with strep may have this.
5.     Multiple infections (ie viruses, bacteria and candida) show that the immune system has fragmented.
6.     Medical drugs and pollution can damage the immune system,
7.     Negative thoughts enable viruses to hide from your immune system.
8.    Weakness of the hypothalamus, which is the HQ of EBV, are a major problem. It is vitally important to strengthen your hypothalamus.
     I have made breakthroughs in developing new treatments which can help youovercome these problems. Note there is a wide range of severity of symptoms from EBV,and a wide range of other infections which many people have, plus problems of pollution,weakness of the hypothalamus and negative thoughts. In these cases, this is no longer a simple disease, but a multi-faceted one which needs more sophisticated treatments. Inorder to choose treatments, you need to answer a few questions:
1.     Number of Infections
a     Do you have any other viruses in addition to EBV?
b     Do you have any bacterial infections? This may be quite a difficult question for you because you can have chronic bacterial infections which produce almost no symptoms. Also there are different types of bacteria. A rough guide could be as follows:
     i     Have you had colds which go onto your chest or pneumonia?
     ii     Have you had problems with abscesses, in teeth or elsewhere?
     iii     Have you had to take antibiotics?
     iv     Have you had strep throat, staph infections or MRSA?
     If you answer yes to any of these in the last say 10 years, then you may have a problem with bacteria, at least at the chronic level.
c     Do you have a problem with candida or other fungal infection?
     If you have all three different types of infection, then your immune system willhave started to fragment and you need the treatment for multiple infections below. If youhave only two different types of infection, you should still consider the treatment formultiple infections, especially if your EBV is severe.
2.     Other Infections
a.     Viruses
     I f you had H1N1 (swine flue), then you should consider taking the treatment for it,because it is moderately immune suppressive, and it often becomes chronic and seems to persist in the spinal cord as a kind of chronic viral meningitis.
b.     Bacterial Infections:
     Please note, if you have acute bacterial infections, you need to see a suitablyqualified health care provider.
     From the point of view of EBV, chronic bacterial infections divide into twocategories: Strep and non-strep:
     i     Streptococcal Infections. These are hard to treat and you may need treatments for all three aspects:
Immune suppression
The streptococcal infection itself
The cell wall deficient form which is common these days
It is very important to eliminate chronic strep.
     ii     Non-strep bacterial infections are more easily treated with my system (excluding abscesses in teeth which are much harder to treat). There is a standard treatment against non-strep bacterial infections. If you have staphylococcus, then you need the remedy against that as well.
c.     Fungal Infections:
     Fungal infections are often fairly easily treated in my system. I have a remedy forcandida which is normally quite effective.
CFIDS Treatments against Immune Suppression and Other Infections
We here present new treatments for these problems. The first four sets of remedies(Hypo 1 to 4) all strengthen the hypothalamus AND do other things. The hypothalamus is VERY important in treating EBV. I recommend taking several of these treatments:
1.     Hypo 1: Toxins, Fatigue & Ageing
As noted above, pollutants can cause premature ageing which can cause chronicfatigue. This set of five remedies act on the hypothalamus AND help to remove toxaemia(from bacterial infections, chemicals ingested, or faulty metabolism), strengthen yourimmune system so as to remove premature ageing, strengthen your immune system against petrochemicals, remove toxins (eg caffeine) which block vibrational remedies, andstrengthen your white corpuscles at a very physical level. If your fatigue is caused by pollution, this may overcome it. Note however, it does not treat heavy metal problems,nor radiation, nor electrical imbalances caused by mobile (cell) phones.
2.     Hypo 2: Multiple Infections
This set of five remedies act on the hypothalamus and help you fight all infections;strengthen you against fungal viral and bacterial infections, and so rebuilds your immunesystem after fragmentation from multiple infections; strengthen your immune systemagainst all miasms (negative patterns mainly associated with serious infections); andstrengthens the minor energy centres around your head and upper body which regulateyour immune system.
3.     Hypo 3: Brain
This set of five remedies strengthens your immune system in your brain andnervous systems, pituitary and thymus glands; brings life force energy in from a very highlevel into your hypothalamus; strengthens your immune system to regenerate the tissues of your self; strengthens your immune system and brings inner blue light in which helps toreject negative thoughts from your brain and organise the positive ones.
4.     Hypo 4: Epstein Barr virus
This set of five remedies are taken from the standard treatment and treat the Epstein Barr virus where it comes into the head, the energy centres, the pituitary glandand hypothalamus. If you are purchasing preparatory treatments, then this will specificallystart to weaken the EBV in the hypothalamus area. (If you order the standard treatmentagainst EBV, then there is no point to get these since they are included in that.) If youare not purchasing the standard treatment at this time, it can be a good idea to get Hypo 4:EBV because it will start to weaken the virus (prior to taking the full treatment for EBV),so that you may start to get your energy back and feel better.
5.    Negative Thoughts
One of the things I see with EBV is a pattern of negative thoughts on almost allsubjects. These thought patterns keep a person trapped in disease. To fully releasedisease, the thoughts that hold it must be released. These negative thought remediesenable you to stop endless recycling the gloomy scenarios that occupy so many of thethoughts of chronically ill people. Benjamin Franklin said, you cannot solve a problemwith the same mind that caused it in the first place. This set of five remedies releasesnegative thoughts from spiritual levels; physical levels; DNA; negative thoughts whichharbour viruses; and negative thoughts associated with negative vibrations. Otherremedies for negative thoughts are available.
6.     General Strengthening of the Immune system
This set of five remedies act on spiritual levels to strengthen the immune system toregenerate the tissues of the body; augment the immune system on physical levels of thebody; provide overall strengthening of the immune system; enables you to control yourimmune system better; and regenerates the immune system after it has collapsed.
7.      Immune Suppression
People with problems with strep and EBV, or with EBV and other infections, tend to have more seriously suppressed immune systems. The pattern of this suppression is similar for most people. This treatment of 15 remedies give a major boost to the aspectsof your immune system (white blood cells, DNA in T-cells, 6th energy centre, christline,thymus energy centre, plasma, autoimmune diseases and pituitary gland) which are mostfrequently suppressed. If you have had problems with strep (ie strep throat), even if someyears ago, or if you have had problems with EBV and several other infections, or if youhave many symptoms of chronic EBV, you should think seriously about taking thistreatment.
8.     Chronic Streptococcus
If you have an acute infection of strep then it is probably most expedient to take a course of antibiotics. However, if you have a low level strep infection, maybe just a slightsore throat with a slightly congested nose, perhaps only at a certain time of day, then thisinfection would help (although you might also need that for cell wall deficient infectionsbelow). This treatment should help to increase your resistance to strep. If you have hadproblems with strep, then you should think seriously of taking this.
9. Cell Wall Deficient Infections
This treatment will help to eliminate a cell wall deficient form of streptococcus,which may accompany a normal strep infection or have been created by antibiotics. About 60% of a small group of people in the UK who had problems with chronic strep,also had problems with CWD infections.
10.     Test Kit
You may wonder whether you have some of these problems. Some people willknow from self-observation what they need. Others will know from their intuition. However, if you want to do it more scientifically, you can buy a small test kit whichenables you (with the help of a friend or partner) to pulse test you for bacterial infections,streptococcus infections, cell wall deficient infections, candida, and petrochemicals in yoursystem.
.     If you are positive to the remedy for bacterial infections then you need the set for bacterial infections.
.     If you are positive to that for strep, then you need the treatments for immune suppression and against strep.
.     If you are positive to cell wall deficient infections then you need that treatment.
.     If you are positive to candida, then this remedy is the normal treatment, and you can start using it immediately. (NB the bacterial and CWD remedies may help against these respective infections, but the one for strep is unlikely to be strong enough - it is too immune suppressive.)
.     If you have problems with bacteria (or strep) and candida, then you need the treatment for multiple infections.
11.     Choosing your Treatment
The hypothalamus is the HQ of EBV in your brain, and so you should thinkseriously about taking one of more of the treatments for the hypothalamus. If you orderthree sets of five at the same time, this is a box full and the price comes down. I havenoticed that people who are weak in their hypothalamus tend to be knocked off course andnot complete their treatment. If you start by strengthening your hypothalamus, then youmake it easier to completely overcome the Epstein Barr virus. The main choices arebetween toxins; multiple infections; brain and EBV. (The latter is included for those whowant to specifically start to weaken EBV before they start the standard treatment.)
     Some people have good intuition, in which case use your intuition to judge what is important for you.

CFIDS Case Study
     An American woman (Ms HT, 50s) came to me in July for help with problems of chronic fatigue and chaos in her life. She was plagued with strep as a child and had taken a lot of antibiotics. She had an underactive thyroid and problems with psoriasis. She had not worked for 15 years because of the chronic fatigue.
     She tested positive for (ie she had) EBV, bacterial, strep and cell wall deficient infections. So she had CFIDS. She took treatments for immune suppression, cell wall deficient (bacterial) infections and the hypothalamus to start with. The treatment for the hypothalamus consisted of 10 remedies selected from treatments Hypo 1 to 3, plus all 5 remedies from Hypo 4 (ie EBV) to weaken the EBV there. She improved slowly at first. Her sleep problems continued.
     She moved house in September. For a few days before she moved and for a few days afterwards, she worked very hard, and she did not collapse. She did not become ill and spend weeks in bed as she would have done before the treatment. She now has the builders working in the new house, is still unpacking, and is coping. She said "Some part of me is a lot better than I thought I was." Furthermore, she now has a new job. It is only 1 day a week, but it is the first job she has had for 15 years!
     She has improved significantly, even though she has not yet taken treatments for bacteria, strep or EBV. Clearly the treatments she is taking for immune suppression, CWD and the hypothalamus are important for her. So this strategy of treating the other problems first has worked well.
[Disclaimer: results may vary.]

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     N     Maybe     Don't knowIf yes, then you almost certainly need the treatment for immune suppression, and may need that against chronic strep and even cell wall deficient (strep) infection.
     N     May be     Don't knowIf yes, then you need the treatment against bacterial infections.
     N     May be     Don't knowSwine flue is moderately immune suppressive and may persist in chronic form in the spine.
     N     May be     Don't knowHalf the people in my survey with strep also had cell wall deficient infections.
     N     May be     Don't knowIf you have staph, then you also need the treatment against bacterial (non-strep) infections.
     N     May be     Don't know
     May be     Don't knowIf you have EBV and/or strep, and/or frequent infections, you need this.
     N     May be     Don't knowInfections of different types cause the immune system to fragment.
     YIf Yes you do understand that the treatments I am offering here can only help you very slightly and you need to consult a properly qualified physician.
     6-10     11-15     16-20     21-25     26-30     31-35     36-40
     41-45     46-50     50+Please note, there is no limit to the number of symptoms, so put the actual number. If you have more than 15 to 20 symptoms, you need to purchase preparatory treatments prior to taking the treatment against EBV.

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3.     Hypo 3: BrainIf so add 40 International or 37 for the UK

4.     Hypo 4: EBVIf so add 40 International or 37 for the UK

5.     Negative thoughtsIf so add 40 International or 37 for the UK

6.     General strengthening of immune systemIf so add 40 International or 37 for the UK

7.     Immune suppressionIf so add 117 International or 110 for the UK

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9.     Cell wall deficient (strep) infectionIf so add 131 International or 124 for the UK

10.     CandidaIf so add 8 International or 7.40 for the UK

11.     Bacterial Infections (not strep throat)If so add 40 International or 37 for the UK

12.     H1N1 (swine flu)Price on request

13.     Test kitIf so add 40 International or 37 for the UK

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