Instructions for EBV Remedies
The treatment consists of two parts, the remedies which I supply and your own attention to diet, vitamins, healthy living and positive thinking.
     The standard treatment for EBV consists of 36 bottles in two small boxes, plus a remedy for "mercury traces" (which some people may not need to take and for which I give separate instructions below). The first box has three rows of five remedies plus 3 remedies on top (18 total) and the second box has three rows of 5 remedies plus three extra (18 total). The remedy for mercury traces is normally in the first box on top. Some people may have additional remedies to supplement the treatment and/or for other infections.
     To help you understand these written instructions, I present here a shortened visual form of them (supplied by a kind client). This summarises these written instructions
      Coffee, mint and camphor can weaken or block the action of the remedies and so should be avoided for the duration of the treatment. The treatment works by strengthening your immune system so you need to eat a healthy diet, preferably take vitamin and mineral supplements, especially vitamin C, and avoid too much stress, over work or pollution. Viruses hide in negative thoughts and so you should practice positive thinking. If this proves difficult, I can supply additional remedies to release negative thoughts and strengthen your mind.
A Dose
A dose consists of about 5 drops (3 to 7 drops) taken in the mouth, preferably on or under the tongue. (NB Do not place the drops in water first, because this can weaken them.) This is not chemical medicine and so the dose is not so critical. Therefore you do not have to count the drops out precisely. However, if you have the standard treatment of two boxes, it may not last long enough (7 weeks) if you take more than 5 drops per dose. Please understand, this is consciousness healing and what counts is not the size of the dose, but the number of doses taken. It is like learning something, which you learn more easily by repetition. If you took a large dose, it might make you a bit hyper. You cannot really take an overdose, but if you took too much, you would waste it. You get much better results by taking a few (4 or 5) drops regularly.
How to take the EBV treatment
The treatment is fairly flexible and can be adjusted to suit your schedule.
1.      The Standard Treatment:
     The normal method of taking this is:
a.     One box per day.
     You work through the first box five remedies at a time. Take a dose each of the first five remedies in the morning, the next five in the afternoon, and the last five in the evening. Then the next day work through the second box. You can either take the extra two remedies separately or make up three rows of six. On the third day, go back to the first box and repeat the cycle.
      If you need to take the mercury remedy (see below), it would be best to take it once per day, before or between groups of five, because its action is different.
b.     Two boxes per day - once or twice per week when it is convenient:
     You may intensify the pressure against the virus by working through both boxes in one day. For example take five remedies in the early morning, five in the late morning, five in the early afternoon, 6 in the late afternoon, six in the early evening, six in the late evening. You can do this one or two days a week when it is convenient (eg at the weekend). I would not do this everyday, because then the remedies will be used up too quickly.
     If you need the mercury remedy, take it once per day between groups of five.
     You can vary the way you take them to suit your schedule. The main thing is regular repetition.
2.     Supplemented Treatment:
     If you have an additional partial box of supplementary remedies (ie less than 15), then you could start out by taking these as a third box on the third day of a three day cycle. After a few cycles, they could be included in a two day cycle. For example if you have ten remedies in the third box, take five with the first box of the standard treatment and then the other five with the second box on the second day, as an extra row.
     If you have a complete third box, then take it as a third box in a three day cycle. Later if you want, you can intensify the treatment by taking two boxes a day. That is box1 and 2 on the first day, box 3 and 1 on the second day, box 2 and 3 on the third day, and back to the beginning on the fourth day.
Meals and diet
It would be best to take the remedies half an hour before or after a meal. If you are pressed for time, it would be best to take them 10 or 15 minutes before you eat rather than after. It is not a good idea to take them during a meal (unless absolutely necessary), because that would confuse the energies you are working with.
     Coffee, mint and camphor can interfere with and even block the action of the remedies, and so you are advised to stop taking them for the duration of the treatment. Camphor is sometimes used to repel moth. You are advised to avoid its strong odour. Also avoid eating foods with mint in, especially mint chocolates for the duration of the treatment.
IT IS IMPORTANT TO GIVE UP COFFEE FOR THE DURATION OF THE TREATMENT. Coffee is a drug. It is the marijuana of the 18th century. Coffee does not have a single nutrient in it. It is a diuretic and causes you to release important trace elements in your urine, so that you may become deficient in them. It imbalances the heart and nerves, and is a stimulant for things best not discussed. It is used as a medicine in homeopathy.
     Coffee blocks the action of homeopathic and other vibrational remedies. It can thus reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. If you want to get full value, CUT OUT COFFEE COMPLETELY. If you cannot do that, you will seriously weaken the treatment and could render it ineffective.
Remedies shipped to the US do not contain brandy for customs reasons. Remedies without brandy should be used within about 6 to 12 months and definitely not be shared for hygiene reasons. Remedies sent to other countries may contain brandy as a preservative, unless you specifically ordered remedies without brandy (eg because of allergies, religion, children, other reason). Remedies with brandy last longer, normally at least 7 years (although this is not a guarantee). Americans and others who receive remedies without brandy, and who take the remedies but do not completely empty the bottles, may add brandy as a preservative. The proportion is 60% remedy 40% brandy (40% proof).
Taking Remedies and Prescription Drugs
If you are taking drugs, continue as your doctor told you. Do not stop them just because you are taking the remedies. The remedies contain patterns of the life force in water, and so work on completely different levels from drugs, namely spiritual rather than chemical. So there is no problem taking drugs with these remedies, although it would be best not to ingest them at exactly the same time.
Care of Remedies and Storage
Store remedies in a shaded place. Avoid direct sunlight and magnetic fields. Telephones, loudspeakers, and computer screens have magnetic fields. It is best to keep the remedies at least 3 to 6 feet (1 to 2 metres) away from any device with a magnetic field. (This may not always be possible with mobile (cell) phones.) The remedies are made with sunlight, and so sunlight can change them. Please keep them out of sunlight in a shaded place. It is also best to avoid heat (but it is not normally necessary to put themin a refrigerator). Keep them in a cool shaded place in the house would be fine. Try not to leave them in a hot car for too long, even when shaded, because cars can get too hot.
Healing Reactions
Life-enhancing remedies do not produce side-effects, but they may produce changes known as healing reactions as the body pushes the disease out - so it may get worse before it gets better. My remedies tend to produce less noticeable reactions than other types of physic. In fact my remedies for other infections tend to produce hardly any reactions at all, except for tiredness or very occasionally a sense of nausea. When the immune system is strengthened, you may feel tired as it starts to work and fight the infection. This is most likely to occur early in the treatment. It might be a good idea not to drive or do something which requires concentration at this time.
     Sometimes when negative energies are being pushed out, one may feel a bit nauseous. Normally a bath or a shower, or even washing, will help to clear this away. Most people do not notice such reactions.
     People taking the treatment for EBV report a number of different reactions, including days when they are exceptionally tired when the fatigue is coming out. They may also experience the virus coming out, with symptoms a bit like mild glandular fever (mononucleosis). Quite often patients feel improvements such as an increase in clarity of mind, and healing reactions at the same time. An up and down pattern is also possible.
Minute amounts of mercury in your body can weaken your immune system and make you particularly prone to EBV infection. If you have even small amounts of mercury in your body, this could weaken the treatment so that it takes longer to give the desired result. In some cases mercury could stop the treatment from working. For this reason it might pay you to get a proper laboratory test for mercury and if necessary take chelation therapy for it. If the level is low, it may still be a problem. To get around this, I include a remedy for "mercury traces" with the treatment. You only need to take this remedy if you test positive for it (see below). However, testing is another job, and if you are not sure, just take this remedy for mercury anyway. It is non-toxic, like all my other remedies, and will help remove small traces of mercury.
     Mercury is a liquid metal which produces highly toxic vapour at room temperature. Sources of mercury are broken thermometers, broken energy saving light bulbs (including some fluorescent ones I believe), mercury amalgam (ie silver) fillings in your teeth, liquid mercury exposed to air (eg in a laboratory). There are signs that having your mercury fillings removed can actually increase the levels of mercury in your body. Several people have told me they caught glandular fever (mononucleosis) after having their mercury fillings removed.
     If you are one of the many people with a small amount of mercury in your body,then this remedy should help the body to remove it, and so strengthen your immune system against EBV. You simply need to test yourself for mercury using the following method, and if you are positive, take the remedy.
Method of testing for mercury
You need your partner or a friend to help you. Position yourself comfortably and rest your left arm, or your elbow, on something so that you do not hold your arm too stiffly. The other person then takes your pulse at your left wrist with their left hand, as a nurse would do. The person testing you takes the bottle for mercury traces in their right hand and holds it away from you (ie usually 3 to 4 feet or 1 to 1.3 metres, may be more). Then they move the bottle in close up to your neck. Hold it there for several beats of your pulse, trying to sense if your pulse is stronger. Then move the remedy away from you for several beats, and then move it in and hold it close to you for several beats, to try to detect any changes between far and near. Repeat this until the result is clear.
     If your pulse does not change, then you are negative. If your pulse increases in amplitude (ie the peaks of your pulse get higher, more intense - not faster or slower) when the remedy is close to you, then you are positive. This method is quite sensitive and can detect minute (sub-clinical) levels of mercury. If you are positive, then you need to take the mercury remedy. If you are positive, take the mercury remedy once per day as indicated above. If you are not sure if you are positive or negative, it is probably best to take it.
     Disclaimer: The remedy labelled "mercury traces" is only meant to help when the level of mercury is small and is not a substitute for proper medical treatment. (NB. If you have serious mercury poisoning then you need proper medical treatment.)

[Disclaimer: results may differ from person to person.]