Effective new treatment against Epstein Barr virus (EBV) for many people

Dr Richard Ellis, MA, DPhil (Oxon)

Dear Richard,
I am so excited and grateful. I had my EBV labs drawn a couple of weeks ago and the virus is not active anymore. Thank you soooo much.
Love, Jill
[Results may vary.]

My remedies are a bit like the Bach Rescue remedy, being made from made from sunlight, pure water, and combinations of flowers, crystals and minerals. They are non-toxic, non-chemical vibrational states of liquid consciousness. This is natural energy healing. However, the i-remedies are more complex combination remedies, and very specific. The advantages of this approach are that the remedies are more powerful and help you to be more alive and in control of your body. When the infections go, your immune system will be stronger than it was before the infection. So you can get this double advantage of freedom from infection and stronger immune system, naturally.

An elderly Southern gentleman wrote:
Hello Dr.
    Just a word on how your remedy for the EBV has helped. Please understand that I have advanced stage 4 Carcanoid Syndrome. Thank God the chills have departed for good. A few Tylenol pills take care of any pain. Wished I could have found out about the EBV remedy months before. I missed 32 strait weeks of attending Church. Haven't missed a week since I started back for which I am very thankful.
Wayne A.

Life is about connecting. So if you have problems with viruses, bacteria, fungal or parasitic infections, you could find the answer to your problems here.
Here are some testimonials, mainly for EBV and viruses.

Emails from some time ago:
     Your Epstein Barr remedies did work. The Epstein Barr is gone. You did kill the Epstein Barr and pretty quick when taking your remedies. I had it tested and it has gone. Thankyou Richard.
     I am happy to inform you that I am one of your many success stories. I am Epstein Barr free as of almost two weeks ago now. I feel so much better and have more energy and stamina. I also feel very "different". Your remedies definitely changed my body chemistry. However, I still have some things to work on. My glandular system needs healing, as well as my immune system. But now that my body no longer has to deal with these Epstein Barr Viruses, I am hoping that my body will fully recover soon.
     I can't express my gratitude and thankfulness to you in words. You are one of my heroes. I will be sending you some business in the near future, that's for sure. I know of others who have this disorder and need help.
God bless
[Disclaimer: results may differ from person to person]

     When I caught the Epstein Barr virus again in September 2010, I did not panic, because I have a treatment against it. In fact quite the reverse. I was pleased because it was an opportunity to do more research into the virus and improve my treatment against it. You see I am a physicist who is a therapist and researcher, who has already freed himself once of this virus, which causes glandular fever (mono). So even though it might cause chronic fatigue, I did not mind because I knew I could always free myself of it. What surprised me was how quickly my new treatment cleared it. It went in less than 48 hours!
     People think the Epstein Barr virus (EBV) causes chronic fatigue (CFS, CFIDS or ME = myalgic encephalomyelitis) in many people, and there is no way to overcome it. However, since I developed the first version of this treatment, I have freed myself and a number of other people of chronic EBV and the fatigue. Patients say it works. Several have obtained laboratory test results showing the virus has gone. For example:

One patient wrote to me after completing the treatment against EBV:
     "I drove my kids to Cleveland, Ohio this week, 6 hours away (from Chicago). The trip would have been impossible for me several months ago." Ms RA.
     Ms RA wrote to me recently, "I have been tested again and for the third time I am negative for EBV. I have been under so much stress lately (with a court case) that it could have come back. But it has not. I am completely free of EBV."
This treatment has really worked for her. Past performance with some people is no guide to future success with you. I have now developed a new version of this treatment which is considerably more powerful.
[Disclaimer: results may differ from person to person]

My Story
Let me explain. I was ill as a teenager onwards. Not infectious disease but chronic illness. Nevertheless I pursued a career as a physicist. I studied hard, got a place at Oxford and got a doctorate in elementary particle physics. I have the same doctorate as Stephen Hawking, except that his is in theoretical physics and mine is in experimental physics. I went to work at the University of Bologna in Italy, and then CERN near Geneva Switzerland where the large hadron collider is, and where I worked alongside Nobel prize winners. Later I worked at the University of Virginia and Los Alamos in the US. Eventually my health problems got the better of me and I decided to focus full-time on healing myself, at first in Switzerland and France. I later came back to my roots in the countryside in Southern England.
My family ran an agricultural merchants business from Headley Mill in Hampshire from 1914 until about 2 years ago. We traded with farmers and the water mill ground meal and flour. I had Uncles and cousins who were farmers. And a few members of the family were interested in herbs and healing. So I left the high tech world of physics and came back to live in the country, but not before I had found the keys to curing myself.
Mill in Spring
Headley Mill in the spring.

You see a few physicists (mainly Nobel prize winners) have done research into the physics of living organisms. In the 1920s, Bohr and Schrodinger thought that the new quantum mechanics was the physics of living organisms, where the mind controls atomic processes. Then several physicists (Schrodinger, Prigogine, Brittin and Gamow) showed that sunlight shining on the earth's surface produces a special kind of "information", or available energy or order which they called "negative entropy". They showed that this forms the basis for photosynthesis, plants and the food chain, which is a flow of negative entropy. Living organisms are special "devices" which take in food and excrete wastes in order to accumulate this special information. So the food chain provides us with a flow of "information", which helps keeps us orderly and healthy. I deduced that disease is associated with the absence of certain patterns of information and if one could supply these, then health would be restored.
     Healthy living organisms are incredibly complex and highly organised, many trillions of times more complex than any known computer technology. So I reasoned that randomness causes disease, and our bodies are all the time trying to become healthy by converting that randomness into order, but they lack the required ordered patterns. If one could only supply the necessary "fuel", the necessary patterns of ordered "information", our bodies would become healthy again. Furthermore, this "information" should be in our food chain. Set I set about to find out how to make these special patterns. This is how my work started.
     So 28 years ago I began to study nutrition, vitamins and minerals, and experimented with these for several years. Yes they helped my health a bit, but they did not touch the underlying pattern of disease. I then looked at Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), herbal medicine and homeopathy. In those days TCM was not available to me and so I left it for the future. I was interested in herbs and homeopathy because its remedies seemed to contain the negative entropy, the "information" I was looking for. I experimented for several more years with homeopathic remedies. Then one day I took some flower essences and I realized that they touch a deeper level of pain than the homeopathic remedies. So began my research into flower essences and crystal and mineral elixirs, which has gone on full-time for 24 years.
     I visited botanic gardens, studied old herbals, including one I inherited from my grandmother, and went out into the fields and forest to collect my own herbs. In physics there is theory and experiment, and this applies here. There are abstract ideas and incredibly detailed experimental work testing everything. Really. I have worked day and night for 24 years, experimenting, questioning, testing everything. Real healing is incredibly difficult, but it works.
     Early on I realised that I had "incurable" disease and therefore I had to use special methods. It's not that anything is incurable, it is just that there are complex illnesses which cannot be cured with a single plant or drug. They require more complex and more specialized patterns, and more of them. In technical language,. I understood that disease is caused by randomness, and there can only be so much randomness. If one chips away, removing the randomness a bit at a time, converting it into order and healthy life, then eventually it will all have gone and one will be free of it. The key thing is not to do any harm, and a bit at a time, heal the disease, just as a child grows slowly and steadily when given three good meals a day.
     So medicine should be nutritious and provide what is missing, and one should only provide what belongs in the body. This is completely the opposite of modern medicine, which uses toxic drugs, surgery and radiation. Brute force is used to "get results". This is a bit like reprogramming a computer with a soldering iron. At least in the old days of tube computers, this was possible. But the engineers rapidly realised it was much more logical to put the program into memory, where it could be changed easily.
     Before the internet made so much information available, I had access to some important research libraries. I can remember finding out in Stanford University library how water in the nucleus of cells does not freeze until 20 degrees below the normal freezing point. The water in your body is different from normal water. Dr Emoto in Japan has done extensive experiments on how the mind affects the patterns in water. Your body is 70% water and parts of your brain are 85% water. You think with water! Think about that. It may sound crazy, but my remedies are this special kind of "living water" found in living organisms. In fact Jesus talks about "living waters" in the Bible. It is a new state of matter which contains patterns of the life force programmed into it.
     Over the years I focused on healing specific problems I had, and sometimes would develop specific treatments for friends. My remedies are gentle, so often one needs several to get results. Sometimes one had to really persist, but when results came, they were as if the person had never been ill. This shows the importance of doing the correct thing, by nature, by God, rather than insisting on instant results.
     You perhaps begin to understand that this is a different way of thinking. Normal chemical science is fixated on negative thinking, on matter, on toxic chemicals, on brute force and side effects, on risks and disease. My approach is gentler, and more positive. It is not about attacking the disease, but strengthening you, making you more healthy, so that eventually the disease will go. When you go into a super market, you do not expect to find arsenic, cadmium or mercury mixed up with herbs on the spice rack. No, the law makes a clear distinction between poisons and food. But not in medicine. In fact the word "medicine" is even ambiguous, meaning both attacking the disease and restoring health. But the two things are quite different physiologically and therefore deserve different names. Doctors have so completely owned the toxic, negative way, that the word "medicine" effectively means just that. Instead, we suggest the old word "Physic" should be used for life giving healing. Physic is derived from the Greek word meaning "knowledge of nature" and is the root of "physics" and physician, and "Physic garden" is where healing herbs are grown.
     Now let us talk about some results.

After taking the treatment Mr WL (67) wrote:
"Oh, I've gone back to my clinic and been tested for my EBV and it cannot be detected!"
[Disclaimer: results may differ from person to person.]

From the very beginning, I got results, but they were small scale. However, I took the long view and kept going. After a while I got bigger results, and kept on going. I knew I had a lot of entropy causing my chronic disease and I just had to persist.
     In the 1990s, I got in touch with someone with AIDS whom I had originally met in California in 1984. He was very interested in my work and so I started making remedies for him. As you know, AIDS so weakens the immune system that people develop other opportunist infections, so that the disease becomes several diseases. As a result I had to develop treatments for the immune system, for immune suppression, for HIV, for colds, pneumonia, and syphilis, which had troubled this man. This kind of research is immensely difficult because the multiple infections confuse the issue. All one could say is that they helped. Nevertheless, it led me to develop hundreds of remedies for the immune system and various infections.
     I don't want to shock you, but this work could be quite dangerous. Despite taking sensible precautions, I caught drug-resistant tuberculosis from an AIDS patient. In the Autumn of 2003 I felt like an old man, slipping away. I decided not to go and started working 18 hours a day making remedies for TB. At first nothing worked. It was a nightmare. But I kept at it and after two months the TB was weakened, and after six months it had gone, completely. You see as part of my methodical scientific approach, I had developed a method of testing to determining which remedies had the most powerful healing properties in any situation. I call this "context sensitive" research. I used this method to develop the most powerful remedies. I also used it to tell when the disease weakened and went, because I would no longer react to the remedies for this disease. This seems to have greater sensitivity than normal chemical methods. Thus once I became negative to the remedies for TB, this was evidence that it had gone. I also felt better which confirmed it.
     I was then led to Thailand to treat children with HIV. One of the doctors there was a retired professor of medicine, who had written a weekly newspaper article for 15 years on the theme: "there is something wrong with western medicine", "the answer lies in quantum physics" and "we must not loose our Eastern mystical traditions". When we first met, we talked the hind leg off a donkey. It turns out that we both knew all the physicists doing research into consciousness. He embraced me into his group and helped me to start treating children with HIV in two days. I went several times to Thailand. Two of the three children without TB became free of HIV and there is laboratory evidence show that. A few who were HIV negative were freed of unknown viruses, but the rest who were HIV positive caught drug-resistant TB from others and my remedies were simply not powerful against both infections. However, my remedies contain the essence of life itself, and so they did help to give the children some health back and boost their immune systems.
     All this is a very long story, but you begin to get the picture. I have been developing remedies for the immune system and immune suppression since 1997. I had treatments for some major infections. I actually saved my own life when threatened by drug-resistant TB. (One day this work will receive the recognition it deserves.) Whilst it took 6 months, this was quicker than the drugs would have taken, and more effective, because not only did it remove non-material parts of the disease, which the drugs can't touch, but it also made me stronger, rather than giving me bad side effects. So when I caught glandular fever (mono) in Autumn of 2008, it seemed only logical for me to cure myself.
     EBV proved more difficult than I thought. It turned out that most of the remedies I had developed for HIV, the immune system and TB, were of little use. Furthermore, I not only had the Epstein Barr virus causing acute illness, with all the normal symptoms of glandular fever (mono), but I had also inherited the chronic form from my mother, who had had glandular fever badly when she was a child. It seems I inherited a predisposition to EBV and I must have caught it as a child. It had then become chronic, and caused chronic fatigue,which had been a problem for parts of my life. But it was only one of a number of more serious health problems and I tended to live with it. However, I knew that I had eliminated drug-resistant TB and so I knew that I could free myself of this Epstein Barr virus. It was just a question of application.
     So I started making remedies, testing everything. Gradually the catarrh and acute symptoms cleared up, but the new strain of the virus clearly wanted to become chronic like the older version. I was determined to be free of both and so kept on attacking them in different ways. It took several months, but eventually I was clear of the virus. It was wonderful. I felt like I had got my life back.
     Epstein Barr makes its headquarters in the hypothalamus, which is a key part of your brain just above your pituitary gland. The hypothalamus regulates the pituitary gland by means of feedback loops. It is also part of your brain between the pineal gland and pituitary gland where an important part of the centre of your personality lies. By getting in here, the Epstein Barr virus disrupts your personality AND your immune system. The fatigue seems to come from the way it regulates this part of your brain, effectively blocking your will. Viruses live in negative thoughts, which enable them to hide from your immune system. I have seen signs that this virus will even use your negative thoughts to control you, and get you to do the wrong things, such as not take a treatment, so that you are not freed of it. For example, one patient heard a voice in her head, which she believed to be the virus, telling her to stop taking my remedies. However, she persisted taking them, and after about three weeks,the voice faded away as the virus went and she felt better.
     Having freed myself of EBV I offered the treatment to patients with this problem, and I caught EBV again. This enabled me to improve the treatment, eliminate it from myself again, and then help several people become free of the virus. Nothing can quite describe the relief when the virus goes and the sense of joy that finally one can start to get back control of ones life and energy.
Advantages and Limitations
I work every day with my remedies and so I know both their advantages and limitations. The real advantage is that they contain patterns of the essence of life itself, so they can convert small pieces of disease into healthy life. At first the effects may not be noticeable, but the results are cumulative. Furthermore, my remedies are very gentle, non-toxic, and life-enhancing. I have given other remedies (not EBV) to children as young as three and a half, and to adults of all ages, including to my late father when he was dying -he lived another three months. They are often very specific. They can do things that can't be done easily any other way. But it is above all it is their ability to enhance the life and consciousness of the person which makes them truly unique, because they help you to be more alive in your body. This in itself is an important reason why they help overcome chronic fatigue, although it is strengthening of the immune system and/or elimination of the virus which gives real relief.
     However they also have limitations. They are not a panacea or cure-all. In fact, exactly the reverse. They are, in the main, very specific. For example the treatments trengthens all places which EBV attacks. It is so specific against EBV that it won't have much effect against another infection. Instead that requires other remedies.
Nutrition and Healing
When sunlight shines on a plant it helps it to grow. This is the beginning of the food chain. Living organisms are highly ordered, and disease is randomness. My remedies supply the missing patterns and consciousness, not present in the normal diet, to replace the chaos of disease and create new healthy orderly life. They do not attack the disease - water cannot. However they contain the essence of life and so they strengthen your immune system and when you are strong enough, your immune system will push out the virus. So far it has been found that when EBV goes, the chronic fatigue and brain fog clear too (although some of the other symptoms, eg fibromyalgia, may require additional treatment). Alternatively, some people have found that if you strengthen your immune system enough, even if the virus does not go completely, nevertheless the fatigue is reduced significantly.

After taking the treatment Ms RA emailed:
     "Richard, I just had big blood work/tests done and I am clear of EBV. I'm so glad I believed you when you said your remedies worked . They Do!!!!! Ms RA"
[Disclaimer: Results may vary.]
The Standard and CFIDS Treatments
The new version of the standard treatment for EBV consists of 34 small bottles in two boxes and costs �266 (�234 in the UK), and it works by strengthening your immune system to push the virus out on all levels. Nutrition is also important. You will need to cut out coffee, which can block the remedies, and boost your vitamins and trace minerals (see instructions).
      For those with particularly weak immune systems (CFIDS) I have developed special treatments:
1.     Hypo 1: Toxins & premature Ageing, 5 remedies Int = �45*, UK = �42*.
2.     Hypo 2: Multiple infections, 5 remedies International = �45*, UK = �42*.
3.     Hypo 3: Brain, 5 remedies International = �45*, UK = �42*.
4.     Hypo 4: EBV, 5 remedies International = �45*, UK = �42*.
NB The sets Hypo 1 to 4 also strengthen the hypothalamus, which is very important when attacking EBV.
The treatment against EBV. The remedy for mercury traces is not shown.
5.     Negative thoughts: 5 remedies International = �45*, UK = �42*.
6.     General strengthening of immune system: 5 remedies International �45*, UK �42*.
7.     Immune suppression: 15 remedies, International �117, UK �110.
8.     Chronic Streptococcus: 20 remedies, International �157, UK �147.
9.     Cell wall deficient bacterial infections:
10.     Test kit: 5 remedies International = �45*, UK = �42*.
11.     Preparatory Treatment used by MS HT, 15 remedies, International �117, UK �110.
* Prices are reduced if 15 or more remedies are purchased at one time and they are supplied in a box(es).
     These can be taken separately or with the standard treatment against EBV. Additional information can be obtained by clicking on CFIDS above.
Summary of Introduction
This is a brief introduction to a new science and a new technology - I could write a lot more. This approach will appeal to those who believe in nature, because the remedies are all natural and pure in origin (distilled water, the energies of flowers, minerals and crystals). Those interested in new science and technology may be drawn to it, but a word of warning. This is not a hard, left-brained, forceful, materialist system which obliterates the virus. Rather it is a soft, gentle approach to build up your immune system to push out the virus. This treatment is now so powerful that it really can expel the virus forcefully in some cases. Animals love my remedies. People interested in healing themselves will find it is a perfect way to strengthen yourself. People of the Book will realise that my remedies are like sparkling dew which cometh from Heaven. Christians will understand they are the living waters we all thirst for. Spiritual people will know that this is an advanced system of spiritual healing with a rational scientific basis. Medical doctors will recognise that it is scientific integrated medicine. Healers will understand that it is a major extension of homeopathy and the Bach flower essences with important inputs from Chinese and other systems of herbal medicine. Buddhists and others from the East will see that my remedies are holy waters. And linguists will understand that this is a system of physic based upon knowledge of nature.

Police Woman's Testimony
     One of the first people I treated was a police woman in her 40s who had EBV. She had moved from Liverpool to Surrey 12 years before, and picked up an infection during the move. It was like a very heavy cold, and ever since she had not been well. She had lost energy and had a cough she could not stop. She tested positive for EBV using my method of testing.
     She started to take the treatment for EBV and after a few days coughed up some phlegm. (This was a healing reaction.) She felt as if she had a hangover one day, and then felt much better the next. A week later the cough had gone, which was a wonderful relief, her legs felt lighter, and she had a lot more energy. She also started to have more positive thoughts.
     After the treatment, a colleague said to her "Good grief. You look so healthy". She replied "I feel really good. I feel as if something has fallen away from me and I have become the girl I used to be."
[Disclaimer: results may vary.]
Possible Causes of Chronic Fatigue
If your fatigue is of no known cause, then there are the following possibilities:
1.     It may be caused by environmental pollution which may cause premature ageing, so you feel tired. I have a treatment to help this - see CFIDS.
2.     When people take my treatment and the virus goes, the fatigue goes as well. However, up to 90% of the adult population have chronic EBV, but they do not get chronic fatigue. Therefore the virus does not cause the fatigue directly, but something has to trigger it. My research suggests that immune weakness can allow the virus more freedom to create fatigue and other symptoms. This opens up three ways of letting go of the fatigue. You can either take the standard treatment (version 2) and eliminate the virus, or you can take CFIDS treatments to strengthen your immune system, or do both.
     For example, I have a patient with problems with HIV, TB, gonorrhoea, streptococcus and EBV, yet by treating all aspects he has released the fatigue, even though the EBV has not been completely eliminated. This is evidence that strengthening the immune system can reduce or eliminate the fatigue.
3.     There may be other causes of chronic fatigue.
     This website focuses mainly on EBV and the problems which aggravate it.
The Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)
The Epstein Barr virus is in the herpes family, and there are two forms of it: acute and chronic. This website is basically about the chronic form.
     Your doctor will probably not tell you this, but once you have been infected with this virus, you have it for life (until this treatment was developed). It suppresses your immune system by attacking your white blood cells, even damaging the DNA in your T-cells. - a bit like HIV, but not quite so bad. My treatment reverses this immune suppression by strengthening the life processes in all areas which the virus weakens, so that your immune system becomes strong enough to push it out (subject to certain conditions below).
     In some people, chronic EBV causes not only chronic fatigue and brain fog, but some of the other symptoms in the Table of Symptoms below.

1.     A year after taking the treatment Ms RA wrote:
     "EBV away!!! Today I was waist deep in swimming pool water for three hours teaching tenyear olds to swim. Last year at this time I was doing the same too with Mono. What a huge difference a year makes. My stamina is up 300% Thanks to you a whole new range of possibilities is present. I'm grateful. Thanks for letting people like me benefit from your research."
     Ms RA explained to me that it took time for her stamina to build up after she eliminated the virus. Other people found that their energy levels recovered more quickly.
[Disclaimer: results may differ from person to person.]
Who should not take the treatment
If you have or have had one or more of the following:
a.      If you do not have EBV, there is no point.
b.      If you have a heart condition of unknown cause
c.      If you have interstitial cystitis (which is different from normal cystitis.
d.      If you have had meningitis
e.      If you have ever had any other potentially fatal infection
then you may not take the treatment. Furthermore, if you have one or more of the following problems:
2     If you have other strongly immune suppressive illnesses such as HIV, TB, syphilis, gonorrhoea, hepatitis B or C, or Lyme disease. Dormant TB may also be a problem because it may not be recognised by you or your doctor. (10% of people I surveyed recently had problems with TB and did not know it. Did an ancestor or relative have it?) If you have or have had one or more of these, even if it has been treated successfully with drugs, you probably still have the immune suppression which can block the treatment. Other factors which make your healing journey long are:
     ii     heavy alcohol use,
     iii     illegal drugs, especially if injected. Medical drugs can also weaken the immune system especially if they have produced side effects - this can sometimes be reversed - see below.
     iv     poor health since child-hood or other chronic disease. You are welcome to try the remedies, but they may provide only small improvements - it is difficult to predict. Also there may be healing reactions.
     One or more of these conditions can make the treatment very difficult or impossible over the internet. So I do not normally treat people with any of these.
The Degree of Your Immune Suppression:
The new treatment is so much more powerful that it should help most people. However, if you have one or more of the following, you should seriously consider taking CFIDS treatments either first or with the EBV treatment:
a     You have had problems with streptococcus (strep throat).
b     If you have candida or other fungal infections, especially if you also have other viruses and/or bacterial infections
c     If you have a large number of symptoms of chronic EBV is (see Table of Symptoms below).
d     If medical drugs have caused lasting side effects or weakened your immune system, or other drugs or pollutants have affected you
     If you have one or more of these conditions, then you should consider taking the appropriate CFIDS treatments either first or together with the EBV treatment.
     Another way to understand this is that real healing is a process like a journey. Some people have less healing to do and so their journey is short (low immune suppression). Others have more immune suppression and so they have more healing to do- they have a medium healing journey (medium immune suppression or CFIDS). And some people are very ill and have a long healing journey (high immune suppression). In places I may refer to short, medium or long healing journey, meaning low, medium or high immune suppression.

SECTION 0: Table of Symptoms
The first step to ordering the standard treatment is to complete the following table. It lists symptoms which have been found to occur in people with chronic EBV infection. This list is not necessarily complete. Most people do not have all the symptoms in the list and some have symptoms not listed. If you would like to order the treatment, you need to select the symptoms you have in this form. If you have symptoms not listed, please enter these below. Then count all the symptoms and note the number - you will need the number for Section II and to enter it into the order form below.

Your Name and Address

Symptoms of EBV:

Aggression (usually mild)
Alertness decreased
Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
Allergies: (new or increased)
Mild Medium Severe
"Brain Fog" (Feels as if thoughts dulled)
"Brain Surges" (Shock like headache)
Mild Medium Severe
Burning in tongue (usually mild)
Cold sweats
Confusion of mind (eg familiar objects seem strange)
Libido decreased
Motor skills decreased (usually mild)
Stress intolerance
Concentration difficult
Reasoning difficult (decision making, mathematics, etc)
Bladder problems (Urination difficult, dribbling)
Sexual activity (soreness or discomfort after)
Urination uncomfortable (similar to UTI)
Dry cough (occasionally with discharge)
Mild MediumSevere
Worry, excessive
Fatigue (chronic, usually severe)
Fever (mild, fluctuates)
Fever, Persistent, High (up to 102F)
Food sensitivies (new or increased)
Mild Medium Severe
Hostility (mild, in thought not action)
Sleep, excessive (hypersomnia)
Impulsive feelings (Normally not acted on, may cause anxiety)
Nasal blockage (Buildup)
Nasal discharge
Irrational thoughts (Fear of going "crazy", etc)
Leukoplakia (usually mild)
Loss of interest (in activities, hobbies, sex, friends, etc)
Malaise (General feeling of being ill)
Mental symptoms eased by eating or drinking
Delusions, Mild (of grandeur, religion, etc)
Mild MediumSevere
Mild MediumSevere
Night Sweats
Obsessive compulsive disorder (usually mild)
Obsessive thinking (eg on fears, etc)
Paranoia (usually mild)
Mild Medium Severe
Light Sensitivity(especially bright light)
Mild Medium Severe
Sinus Problems
Mild Medium Severe
Mild Medium Severe
Mild Medium Severe
Mild Medium Severe
Lymph Nodes Swollen (Arm pits, neck, groin)
Spleen Swollen (It rarely ruptures)
Mild Medium Severe

Please note any other symptoms of EBV in the space below

Now count the total number of symptoms you have and write it down so you can enter it in the order form below.

You can send this table to me if you want - it will help me with my research. But you don't have to if you don't want too.

You may click here to send this info

The higher your number of symptoms, the more likely you should seriously consider taking some of the CFIDS treatments (CFIDS)

SECTION I: The Standard Treatment Version 2 against EBV
If you want to order the new standard treatment, either to take by itself or as part of a more comprehensive treatment program, then follow the instructions below.
     a.     Please note, this standard treatment is not a cure-all or panacea. It is specifically against EBV, not the chronic fatigue (although the fatigue usually goes when the virus goes). If you do have chronic EBV, and a) do not have a heart condition of unknown cause, and b) you do not have interstitial cystitis (which is different from normal cystitis), then you may take the treatment.
How to Order the Standard Treatment:
Complete the following three steps:
1.     Please complete the Table of Symptoms if you have not already done so, count them and make a note of the number. You may send the completed table to me to help with research.
2.     Complete the order form below, entering the number of symptoms and send it.
3.     Make your payment either by wire, card or PayPal.

Report from Ms RY: "Finding an Answer to EBV: One Woman's Story:
     I've lost count of the times I've searched the Internet for EBV sites. I've found all kinds of information, many "products," most from natural sources, and scores of recommended regimens. But whatever I tried did not provide a definitive help or solution, not even a palliative one. I went once more to the computer. I saw a small ad and clicked. That click brought me here, to Dr. Ellis's site. I read every word. His experience with EBV matches my own. His philosophy of healing is in line with what I've learned. So, without delay, I sent Dr. Ellis an email asking him to send me his EBV treatment. I received it approximately two weeks ago. IT WORKS. Let me say this again: IT WORKS."
[Disclaimer: results may differ from person to person]

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